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"No Escape" is an emotional testament to wanting to change your life and not feel boxed into doing the same monotonous things every day.


“No Escape" is a song about being [or] feeling trapped in day-to-day life and the wish of escaping this routine,” the band says of the single.


“Sometimes you reach a goal and after some time you realize it’s not what you wanted. You’re not sure how or if you want to break out of this cycle because you invested so much time in it and it’s scary to move on because you don’t know what’s going to happen next." 


“Experiences like these can really exhaust and burn you out. It’s even harder if you are the only one who really feels the pain. In the end, it’s important to realize, that’s why you’re feeling burnt out. It’s much

easier to handle if you are aware of your situation. Maybe you can break through the cycle now or it takes a little more time. Just don’t give up. Better days are coming.”

"NBM" stands for “Nothing But Misery” and is about certain situations in life that were created by yourself and being torn between the goal in front of you and those situations. It’s about finding a way out of it and not giving up because no matter what gets thrown in your way, the trouble is worth it in the end. 


"Uncharted" is about the fear of the unknown in life. It feels like there’s no room for dreams or imagination because you know that your path and fate is set in stone. It’s a cold and isolating feeling that you can’t shake. 

The bands debut album consists of nine songs including two features, three singles and one music video and was released on March 31st 2023

1. NBM

2. Collapsing

3. Uncharted (feat. Kyle Strang - If I Were You)

4. No Escape
5. Settled

6. Reborn

7. Soaring // Falling (feat. Gino Andereggen)

8. Collateral Damage

9. Enemy Inside

Recorded at Honey Bee Records by Gino Andereggen
Mixed and mastered by Matthieu Kirby

All Covers designed by Achim Gafner

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