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The metalcore band Fight The Enemy from Zofingen/Aarau was founded in 2017. After the release of a self-produced EP, the band was able to play a variety of concerts, including a show with the band Landmvrks and some concerts in Germany and Austria. Three more singles were released during this time and the band was able to gain a foothold in the Swiss metalcore scene. In 2020, former vocalist Kevin Kümmerli parted ways with the band to concentrate on his family.


Shortly thereafter, former guitarist Moritz Lüscher decided to take on the role of lead singer while also starting with the writing process of their debut album "Uncharted". The record was released at the end of March 2023 and was celebrated with a successful release show on April 21, 2023. With this concert, Fight The Enemy ushered in a new era, in terms of both quality and style.

Philippe Christen - Bass

Dan Hunziker - Guitar/backing vocals

Moritz Lüscher - Singer

Andri Hunziker - Drums

“Fight The Enemy represents triumph in the battle against your personal enemy” the band says about their name. “Most of the time your enemy is not a person. It could be a trauma, inner demons, fear or even psychological illnesses. We’re telling stories about such situations and how we finally overcame some of these battles. We always want to underline these rather dark stories with hope and joy.”

P1 - Moritz Lüscher
P2- Taken by Jasmin Mulle / Edited by Moritz Lüscher

P3 - Taken by Jasmin Mulle / Edited by Marc Signer

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